One unified platform to control all your company spends

Spend management platform for approvals, corporate credit cards, invoice payments, accounting automation, and real-time reporting.

Flexible credit period

We believe each business is unique. Get an interest free credit period as per the needs of your business.

Virtual credit cards

The efficient way to control online spending. Simply issue virtual credit cards for purchases to gain granular control without the hassle and avoid hours of tedious reconciliation and manual verifications.

AI Powered physical credit cards

You now have the freedom and control to give corporate credit cards to any employee without having to worry about misuse and leakage. Our AI system can auto-detect business expenses and take the right actions.

Capture invoices directly from your Email

Get Invoice Payment approvals without chasing

Set scheduled payments

Automatically calculate GST and TDS liability

Manage invoices and get early payment discounts

You can easily manage, track, pay, and control all your accounts payables from a single dashboard. Vendors can submit invoices electronically and you can do early payment discounting in a single click.

Fully integrated with your accounting software

Grit captures and consolidates all accounts payables data from virtual cards, physical cards and invoices and records everything into your accounting systems. 

Are you ready to take control of your spend?