The modern platform for CFO

Our mission is to make CFO lives far better than what it is today.

About us

We are passionate to rid inefficiencies in corporate payments. 

The inefficiencies in the corporate payments directly impacts the CFO and their ability to drive the company forward. In this digital age, we have seen numerous innovative solutions being provided to all C-level executives except the CFOs. We feel that they are left behind and they have to rely on many manual, inefficient and strenuous processes to stay above the water. 

The CFO is our primary customer. 

We want to innovate on their behalf and enrich their lives through them. That’s why we started building Grit. 

Of course, in our first avatar, we are building technology for CFO to control company-wide spends but we will not stop here. We will continue to evaluate all the inefficiencies in the corporate payments world and passionately innovate to create a better world. We believe that there is a better world out there for the CFOs and want to help them get there. 

Our Values